What is DNA Paternity?

  1. Paternity testing simply means establishing fatherhood. DNA Paternity is normally done to confirm or exclude the biological father of a child.
  2. DNA paternity test is accurate, rapid and affordable with a power of discrimination (or accuracy) as high as 99.9999%.
  3. DNA Paternity Test can be performed on individuals of any age.
  4. DNA testing has become the most accepted method to determine identity within the legal scientific communities.

What is required for DNA Paternity Testing?

  • A minimum of 2ml of blood samples or alternatively buccal swabs (two from each individual).
  • The blood samples should be collected in EDTA tubes. The samples should be clearly labeled with the identification name/number and the date of collection.
  • All samples submitted for analysis must be accompanied by a request letter for the paternity test together with the payment for analysis,
  • The samples should be sent via one of the courier agencies or hand carried

What is The Cost Involved?

  • The cost for each paternity test is RM1500 for two samples and RM200 for each additional sample submitted for analysis.
  • Full payment must be made at the time of submission of the samples by cheque/bank draft to “Ketua Pengarah Kimia Malaysia”.

Other Related DNA Tests:

    DNA Testing can conclusively answer questions relating to maternity.  
    Determines whether a person is the true grandparent of a child.
    Determines whether two or more individuals are siblings.
    Confirms the identity of an individual.


Borang Permohonan Ujian DNA (Paterniti) dan Borang Pemungutan Spesimen Darah