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The Toxicology Division offers analytical services for the detection of “poisons” in medico-legal cases, clinical toxicology and the control of pharmaceutical drugs.

The toxicological analysis covers the following areas:

  1. Alcohol analysis in blood, urine and vitreous humor.
  2. Human poisoning.
  3. Animal poisoning.
  4. Heavy metal poisoning.
  5. Drugs in body fluids.
  6. Scheduled poisons

Functions and Expertise of the Toxicology Division

The Toxicology Section is divided into three main sections; each handling different aspects of toxicological analysis.

1. Forensic Toxicology Section

Analysis of biological specimens submitted by the Police for drugs and other poisons such as pesticides, carbon monoxide etc in sudden death, suspected poisoning cases and other incidents.

2. Alcohol & Clinical Toxicology Section

  • Analysis of alcohol in blood and urine specimens in drink driving cases, fatal traffic accidents and other suspected alcohol intoxication cases.
  • Analysis of stomach washouts and other biological specimens submitted by hospitals for the detection of drugs and other poisons including metals, household products such as chlorox, detergents etc and relation to suicide attempts

3. Pharmaceutical Analysis Section

Analysis of seized pharmaceutical products and traditional medicines for the presence of scheduled poisons under the Poisons Act 1952

Analytical services are also provided to private clinics and hospitals for a fee not exceeding RM300.00 per test/per sample.

Requirements and Guidelines for the Submission of Specimens

Garis panduan Untuk Penghantaran Spesimen Ujian (Borang Kimia 15)


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Forensic Science Analysis Centre
Department of Chemistry Malaysia
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