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The Management Service Division, Department of Chemistry Malaysia, is headed by an administrative and Diplomatic Officer Grade M54. The Division consists of four (4) sections, namely, the Administration section, Human Resource Management Section, Asset Management Section and Store and Finance section. In general, this division is responsible for providing the following services to support the core activities of the Department of Chemistry Malaysia.

A) Administration

  • Management of department vehicles and official vehicles of office.
  • Council management.
  • Vehicle loan application, computer, housing.
  • In-house cleaning and exterior management.
  • Application out of country.
  • Library services, purchase and loan book.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Duty on premise/building safety controls as well as the premises/buildings of the Department of Chemistry Malaysia.

b) Human Resource management

  • Manage staffing matters (creation and repeal of posts) filling, provision of staffing, rearrangement of establishment structure, recruitment of human resources.
  • Confirmation, entry into pensionable post, holiday, personnel information System (HRMIS), asset declaration, promotion, discipline, performance evaluation.
  • Manage the mobility and adjustment of salary.
  • Pension matters.

c) Asset and store management

  • Manage capital assets and low value assets that include acceptance, registration, use, storage, maintenance checks, transfers, disposal, loss and write-off.
  • Manage stocks that include acceptance, recording, storage, production, inspection, security, hygiene, disposal, loss and write-off.

D) Financial Management

  • Prepare and manage the annual budget of the Department.
  • To provide financial management services.
  • Payment Control Department allocation.
  • Supervise, monitor and regulate annual provisions and expenses to achieve the objectives and impact set.
  • To increase the competency and efficiency of the Department’s staff in financial management through continuous training.
  • Managing receipts and payments.
  • Control of financial control mechanisms and expenses through the Finance and Account Management Committee meeting (JPKA).
  • To coordinate and monitor the electronic financial system (1gfmas and ePerolehan).
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