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Document Examination under Forensic Science Analysis Centre provides document examination services to enforcement agencies of government, the private sector and private individuals.

Among the services offered are:

  1. Examination of handwriting.
  2. Examination of signature.
  3. Examination of alteration.
  4. Examination of typewriting.
  5. Identification of printing process.
  6. Examination of indentation.
  7. Examination of charred document.
  8. Analysis of ink.
  9. Analysis of paper.
  10. Consultancy services related to document examination

Requirements for Document Examination

  1. Documents submitted for examination must be original copy.
  2. Photocopy or carbon copy documents are not suitable for comparison and will affect the examination.
  3. All documents and the specimen shall be clearly marked and clearly stated in the cover letter.
  4. The type of examination required shall be stated clearly.
  5. Adequate and sufficient specimen signatures should be provided for effective examination


Document Examination Division also provides document examination to the private sector or private individuals. A minimum fee charged is RM 1, 100.00 per case. The fee depends on the number of samples or questioned document. Please refer to the Procedures and Guidelines for the fee.

Procedures and Guidelines for Document Examination Cases
* Click here to download the procedures and guidelines

Guideline for The Submission of Document Examination Cases

Contact us

Division Head of Document Examination, Department of Chemistry Headquarters, Petaling Jaya
Phone: + 603-7985 3855 | Fax: + 603-7958 1173

Document Examination Section, Department of Chemistry, Sabah State
Phone: + 6088-259090 | Fax: + 6088-259955

Document Examination Section, Department of Chemistry, Penang State
Phone: + 604-2228373 | Fax: + 604-2228306

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