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Chemistry Malaysia Training Centre manage comprehensively the development program of human resources for the Department’s staff. Among its functions are:

1) Technical Training Courses / Generic
a) Manage the coordination / participation of training courses based on the Operational Plan (POL) Department of Chemistry:

  • Local
  • Overseas

b) Monitoring 7 day courses attendance

2) Official Duty Overseas
Manage the overseas Meeting / Conference / Symposium applications and approval

3) Postgraduate courses
Manage the postgraduate (M.Sc and Ph.D) applications and officers monitoring in various fields under the scholarship (MESTECC & JPA)

4) Industrial training
Manage the Industrial Training applications and students coordination from public/private institutions throughout the year.

5) Services Examination of Department Subject

Manage and carry out the examination:

       – Promotion by Appointment (KPSL)
       – Examination for Assistant Science Officer Grade C27 In Trial
       – Examination of Laboratory Assistant Grade C17 In Trial

6) Mentoring / Coaching Programme
Coordinate mentoring / coaching programme

7) Program Transformasi Minda
Manage participation of Program Transformasi Minda (PTM)

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