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Services Provided by Food Quality Division :

  1. Food Additive
  2. Mycotoxins
  3. Drug Residues
  4. Food Standard
  5. Standards For Mineral Water packaged Drinking.
  6. Specification Under Ministry Of Defence & Treasury’s Central Contract.
  7. Research & Method Development
  8. Foreign Matter
  9. Nutrition Labeling
  10. Food Contaminant
  11. Drug Residu


Food Quality Division plays a leading role in providing services that are essential in the enforcement of the Food Regulation 1985, the issuance of health certificates for export of food products and the monitoring of safety and quality of food. On many occasions services of the Food Quality Division were sought out by the Ministry of Health in handling issues related to food safety analyses to safeguard the public as well as meet the stringent entry specifications imposed by importing countries.


Food Quality Division has the advantage of having depth in scientific expertise coupled with access to some of the most advanced analytical equipment.

Many of our methods are SAMM accredited and our analytical quality is further assured through successful participation in a number of proficiency testing schemes.

Please click here to see our list of SAMM accredited methods.


Food Quality Division
Department of Chemistry Malaysia
Jalan Sultan
46661 Petaling Jaya,

Phone : 03-7985 3033 / 3034

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