Students who are currently studying at the Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s level from a Local / Private Institute of Higher Learning (IPT) for the requirements of the Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree award requirements respectively.

The Industrial Training period requires a study structure that has been determined by the university.

Students are not eligible for Industrial Training leave unless with permission / approval from the Department.

Email to tcleng@kimia.gov.my for review

Applications will be processed briefly Industrial Training from Feb / March, May, July and onwards whichever Industrial Training will start before.

a) Minimum CGPA 3.0

b) Course / Field of study is Chemistry

a) Chemical Science

b) Source chemistry

c) Industrial technology

d) Applied chemistry

e) Biotechnology

f) Laboratory technology

g) Management, administration and human resource officers

h) Courses of study related to the field of Chemistry

Students need to obtain the form online which is available on the official website of the Department of Chemistry Malaysia https://www.kimia.gov.my/permohonan-latihan-industri/