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The Document Examination Division offers analytical services related to document forgery,  namely Handwriting and Signature Inspection, Document Modification Inspection,  Typography Inspection, Printing Process Identification, Impression Effect Inspection, Ink and Paper Analysis and Government Official Document Inspection.

Yes, the Document Examination Division not only receives cases from government enforcement agencies but also from private agencies and individuals.

The required documents are:     

(a) Official letter stating in full the information of the documents submitted and the type of analysis required.   

(b) Documents for inspection namely:

– Disputed documents     

– Comparative specimens (Collected Contemporary specimens and Requested specimens)

For marking methods and more information, please refer to the Document Examination       Division Guidelines.

The rate of analysis fee is dependent on the number of signatures and documents in dispute. Please refer to the Guidelines of the Document Examination Division or contact the officer directly at 03-79853857 for more information.

Please refer to the client’s charter on the KIMIA Malaysia website. However, the length of  time for report to be issued also depends on the complications of the case.

Please submit an official letter of application to obtain a Certified Copy of the Analysis Report,  a letter of permission from the State Legal Adviser and a payment of RM300 for each Certified Copy of the Analysis Report. Please contact the officer at 03-79853857 for further  enquiries.

The expert witness fee for appearing in court is RM100.00 per day. In addition, the lawyer  has to pay travel allowance, accommodation allowance and meal allowance throughout the  trial period depending on the location of the court.

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