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FAQ : Forensic DNA Division


Yes, you can visit our website at and contact us for advice or information on the analysis done before sending the sample.

No, blood sample can be taken at any clinic registered under MOH and brought together when applying for a test.

Yes. The payment is RM1500.00 for the first two blood sample and an additional RM200 for each subsequent blood sample. As of now, payment is by cash, crossed cheque or bank draft under the name “Ketua Pengarah Kimia Malaysia”.

Yes. The payment is RM200 for a preliminary test on sample (blood or semen stains), RM 100 for a preliminary test on sample (nail or hair analysis) and RM800 for each DNA-STR analysis. As of now, payment is by cash or crossed cheque.

You will need to attach an application letter for DNA analysis. The sample need to be placed into a plastic packet (e.g. a hair sample), then place it in a regular envelope and seal with masking tape. Place a mark (for example “A”) as a marking on the sample.

Yes. It will be returned if the sample is not used up during the analysis

Please refer to KIMIA MALAYSIA website for our client charter. We will send an SMS as a notification to collect the report.

Alternatively, buccal swabs can be used. A buccal swab is obtained by rubbing a clean cotton bud on the inner lining of the cheek.

No preservation is required if the sample is submitted within 24 hours. However, if there is a delay, the sample should be kept frozen until submission.


We offer DNA analysis services for criminal cases involving police (murder, rape, robbery, narcotics, traffic, body identification, paternity), customs (narcotics) and other relevant enforcement agencies as well as DNA analysis for private samples (detection of the presence of blood/semen, determination of human hair) and paternity/maternity testing. If you have any questions, you can contact our officers at 03-79853842/3843/3839.

For enforcement cases involving the police and relevant government agencies, no fee is charged for DNA analysis. For public/private cases, there is a fee charged for analysis according to the sample quantity and type of analysis required.

Please refer to the client’s charter on the KIMIA Malaysia website. We will send an SMS as a collection notification to the customer to pick up the report.

No. Clients need to come when informed to pick up reports and case items. For public/private cases, you can inform the receiving officer when sending the sample if you want the report to be posted.

No. A copy of the report will only be issued after obtaining approval from the Head of the Criminal Investigation Division, State Contingent Police Headquarters.

If you have any questions, you can contact our officers at 03-79853842/3843/3839 during office hours only.

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