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Soalan Lazim Hubungi Kami Aduan dan Maklumbalas Peta Laman


The Narcotics Division provides services for:

  • The analysis of seized substances relating to possession and trafficking of dangerous drugs
  • Investigation of clandestine laboratories
  • Drug profiling

Functions and Expertise of the Narcotics Division

The Narcotics Division comprises three units which are the Heroin Section, the Cannabis Section and the Synthetic/Designer Drugs Section.

The functions of the Narcotics Division are :

1. To examine and analyze:

  • drugs controlled under the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA) 1952
  • chemicals which may be used in illicit drug manufacturing
  • paraphernalia used for drug administration or manufacture
  • personal items including clothing, swabs and nail clippings so as to
  • adduce contact evidence by way of drug transfer


2. To carry out examination of suspected illicit drug manufacturing premises.



Director of Narcotics Division
Center of Analysis for Forensic Science
Department of Chemistry Malaysia
Jalan Sultan
46661 Petaling Jaya

Phone No.: +6 03 – 7985 3831
Fax No: +6 03 – 7958 1173



Updated: May 27, 2018 at 1:10 pm