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OSH WEEK 2016 – Department of Chemistry, Melaka Branch

Melaka – On the last 28 – 30th September, Department of Chemistry, Melaka Branch had successfully organized OSH Week 2016 which was officiated by the department director, Dr.Silverraji A/L Samiveloo. The main objectives for the OSH Week this year is to enhance awareness towards occupational safety and health among the staffs as well as exposing them on the implementation of the OSH system, OHSAS 18001. Apart from that, the program is also able to educate the staffs on the rules and regulations related to OSH.

OSH Week 2016 started with practical session ‘Hands on First Aid’ presented by the First Aider Team and  academic talks related to OSH by various government and non-government agencies such as Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). Besides that, the programme also includes interactive OSH Quiz and Blood Donation Campaign.  On top of that, with conjunction of ‘5K Month’ (Keselamatan, Kesihatan, Kebersihan, Kekemasan & Keceriaan), we had organized ‘The Best Laboratory Competition’ in which  each lab will be judged based on 5 aspects; safety, health, cleanliness, tidiness   and cheerfulness.

The OSH Week 2016 was officially closed by the department director and had successfully attracted the interest of the staffs and tremendously improved their knowledge in OSH.

Screenshot during the event:

The opening ceremony of the OSH Week 2016

OSH-related talk by the supporting agencies

Blood Donation Campaign

‘Gempur Aedes’


Updated: October 11, 2016 at 12:12 pm