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CSR Department of Chemistry Branch SMK Sibu Jaya Sibu , Sarawak

On August 24, 2016 ( Wednesday) JKMC Sibu has made an official visit to SMK Sibu Jaya for Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) with the theme ” A Day with Sibu Chemistry “. For the first time since 2004, for their 12 years establishment , Department of Chemistry Malaysia Sibu Branch became the first department to create exhibitions and programs at SMK Sibu Jaya. Among activities are static and interactive exhibits , 4 lectures , quizzes and quiz individuals that engage students in groups of students from Form 1 to 6 SMK Sibu Jaya . Exhibitions and quiz activities are aimed at achieving specific objectives as follows :

  • To expose students and teachers about the role of the Department of Chemistry to society besides disclosing to them the services provided by the Department of Chemistry.
  • Expose students about science in general and chemistry in particular among lower secondary students as well as to foster interest in science among students.
  • Increase teacher knowledge and student -related analysis – routine analysis in laboratories Department of Chemistry Malaysia Sibu branch.
  • Provide information on students and teachers more closely how the process works and equipment – equipment that is in the Department of Chemistry Malaysia Sibu branch function .
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience the simple chemical analysis.

While 4 sessions involved lectures are intended for : –

  • Expose students about careers in science and chemistry
  • Expose students’ safety and quality of food and the dangers of drugs .
  • Expose students safe handling of chemicals.

CSR program has lasted for one day from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Exhibition program, quizzes and talks were started simultaneously in the morning session. The talks began with the introduction of the Chemistry Department of Malaysia and also the services provided by JKMC Sibu by Head of SGKAS Rusyidah Ms. Binti Abdul Rahim. She also gives talks on “Careers in Science and Chemistry” .For give more impact to the students, a session with a former student of SMK Sibu Jaya Ms Nur Azreen was infused. The talks continued after half-time student by Ms. Rusyidah Binti Abdul Rahim berkenaa “Food Quality and Safety”. Then talks continued with ” The Dangers of Drugs “by Mr. Hasrul and last lecture session by Mr. Mohd Yaman sharing about applicable of Chemical Handling Safety “.

As welcoming session ended at 12.30 pm with a session handover between the representative souvenirs JKMC Sibu Sibu Jaya and SMK teachers followed by a photo with students and teachers along with Staff JKMC Sibu. In the afternoon session, the exhibition continues, a group quiz was held to improve the knowledge and inculcate the spirit of cooperation as well as the atmosphere involving 25 students 6. CSR program ended at 5.00 pm with a photo session. Overall, the program is well received among students and teachers of SMK Sibu Jaya where about 488 students have visited the exhibition booth, 106 students attend lectures and 180 individuals participated in the quiz.

CSR JKM Sibu 1

Among the activities during the CSR program at SMK Sibu Jaya by staff and students practical Sibu JKMC

CSR JKM Sibu 2

The Chemistry Sibu staffs who worked tirelessly for the realization of CSR at SMK Sibu Jaya Berjaya

Updated: September 21, 2016 at 8:49 am