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LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY TANDEM MASS SPECTROMETRY (LC-MS/MS): Handling Skills And System Suitability Evaluation

An LC-MS/MS course was held on September 27 – 29, 2016 at the Headquarters, Department of Chemistry Malaysia. This 3-day course was organised by the Research and Quality Assurance Division and aimed at equipping the participants with the following knowledge and skills:

  • steps in optimizing the LC-MS/MS system
  • fundamental procedure involved in assessing the performance of the LC-MS/MS system
  • strengthening application in data interpretation
  • enhancing LC-MS/MS application to provide scientific solutions

A total of 16 scientific officers, 1 experimental executive officer from the headquarters and branch laboratories of KIMIA Malaysia as well as a research officer from the Malaysian Nuclear Agency (ANM) took part in the course. The invited lecturer was Ms Choy, application chemist from Waters Analytical Instrument Sdn Bhd whereas two scientific officers from the headquarters of KIMIA Malaysia, namely Pn Nurhazlina and Pn. Azuha who acted as facilitators also made the course a success. Tuan Haji Ismail bin Talib, Director-General of KIMIA Malaysia led off the course by officiating it. He urged the participants to take any possible opportunities to broaden their knowledge horizon, to share and improve their technical know-how in addition to strengthening team spirit by playing an active role in this course.

            The participants’ comprehension was improved, and they displayed heightened confidence to improvise their own LC-MS/MS experimental plans. The 2-day practical session exposed the participants to LC-MS/MS operations at a more advanced level as the users were trained to manipulate the software for data interpretation based on various applications. The overall course was proved successful and effective. All the participants were assessed and they showed a significant growth in the area of LC-MS/MS application at the end of the course, where the average score = 35% obtained in the pretest was improved to 89% in the posttest. A questionnaire survey completed by the participants also indicated high satisfaction towards the course.

            On the last day of the course, Pn. Zaiton, Director of Research and Quality Assurance officially put an end to the course by presenting a certificate to each participant. She profusely encouraged all the participants to disseminate their knowledge and pass on the skills to their colleagues. As a closing remark, she hoped that this course would not only help alleviate routine application, but also arouse interest in the staff to invent new methods using the LC-MS/MS instrument


Photography session with Director-General KIMIA Malaysia

Lecturer delivers key theories to the participants

The participants are manipulating the LC-MS/MS software

Updated: October 7, 2016 at 5:46 pm