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Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing Programme – Department of Chemistry Malaysia

  • Competent personnel are required in laboratory testing services to ensure that the provision of services in the various fields meet the quality requirements of international standards. Competency of personnel can be evaluated through participation in Proficiency Testing (PT)  Programme.  
  • Participation in PT Programme is one of the requirements for the competence of testing laboratories under the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Department of Chemistry (DOC) offers annual PT Programme which includes the fields of testing in areas such as water, environment, food, microbiology, industry and forensic science to all testing laboratories in Malaysia and overseas. 
  • PT Programme is coordinated by the PT Unit of Research and Quality Assurance Division with technical inputs from all the DOC laboratories.

The Process of PT Participation

Each participant will be given PT samples together with sample receipt form, instructions to laboratories and results sheet form.  Participants are required to carry out analysis/ testing using method that are routinely used in their laboratories. Duration of analysis is one (1) month from the date of sample dispatch.  The test results must be sent to DOC before the closing date.

The DOC will evaluate all test data using ‘robust statistics’ and comparison of results from each participant laboratory to the ‘consensus value’ (robust mean) of the entire group according to international standards.

During registration of the PT Programme, participants will be given a secret code number of which laboratory performance in PT reports will be referred to.  This code number is only being known to the particular laboratory and relevant personnel of the PT Programme.

For laboratories in Malaysia which has been accredited under SAMM MS ISO/IEC 17025, the laboratory performance will be notified to the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) if requested.   However, this is subject to the approval by the laboratory which will be obtained in advance.

Further Information:

  1. Participants are required to return the receipt notification form of PT samples as soon as they receive the sample.  This is so that the samples are received in the appropriate time (maximum 5 working days) and in good conditions.
  2. The test results must be reported in units specified in the instructions and the results sheet form.
  3. The results sheet form must be returned within the stipulated period.  LATE results will not be included in the PT report.
  4. PT Report will be issued one (1) month after the closing date.

 Any questions may be directed to the following officers:

Ms. Nor Azian Abu Samah/  Ms. Sharifah Norfarahani Syed Nasir

Telephone:      603-79853163 / 3167 / 3168

Faximile:         603-79853014



Updated: February 9, 2018 at 10:00 am