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Exile Unit

Exile Unit Dangerous and Oil Spill


Unit hazardous wastes and Oil Spill give analysis service on exile samples dangerous and spill oil for the programme enforcement of act / surrounding world quality rules. Beside the this unit also give investigation and advice service to certain parties with regard to exile issues dangerous and spill oil.

Rules Quality Rules Surrounding World (Exile Scheduled) 2005

“Exile Scheduled” it means any exile which includes in exile category are listed in first schedule.

First schedule

SW 1 Exile metal and exile feel metal

SW 2 Exile which contains especially constituent inorganic may contain metal and organic matter

SW 3 Exile which contains especially organic constituent may contain metal and material inorganic

SW 4 Exile may contain whether constituent inorganic or organic

SW 5 Exile other

Sample type


Attractive Cases


Paint sludge


Aluminium dross

Oil Spillage


Electronic waste

Sisa toksik

Aluminium dross

Pembuangan aluminium dros mengakibatkan kemusnahan tanaman



Updated: July 27, 2016 at 2:21 am